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Product Description:Automatic Polymer Dosing System is a continuous polymer makeup and dosing equipment. The equipment can mix the polymer fully with high efficiency, and then the homogeneous activated polymer can be ready for further treatment. Widely applied as the supporting equipment of sludge dewatering equipment in municip

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Product Description:
Automatic Polymer Dosing System is a continuous polymer makeup and dosing equipment. The equipment can mix the polymer fully with high efficiency, and then the homogeneous activated polymer can be ready for further treatment. Widely applied as the supporting equipment of sludge dewatering equipment in municipal wastewater, slaughtering, chemical plant and etc.
Topic: Highly efficient Automatic Polymer Dosing system
Automatic Feeder of Chemical Materials

Its great features include:
  1. Easy to operate, labor saving
Precast mixing tank, homogeneous slaking tank and solution storage tank are in one equipment, easy to learn and easy to operate, saving labor.
  1. Polymer concentration is adjustable
Water and polymer can get into the tank at the same time, as the flowing rate of the feeding pump can be controlled, so any concentration (within a certain range) can be prepared according to the actual requirements.
  1. Well designed machine frame
 Precious conveying, delicate pre-soaking device and the constant temperature heating method can reduce agglomeration phenomenon caused by improper operation and prevent the line from clogging, so as to ensure the stable concentration.
  1. Trustworthy operation
The unique structure and proper rotating speed of the mixer not only can ensure the homogenization solution, but also will not destroy the polymer molecular chain.
  1. Better performance, better environment
First class spare parts to ensure excellent performance, low noise and low vibration.
Product Details
Automatic Feeder of Chemical Materials

Working Principle
  1. Adding dry polymer into the hopper, the polymer later will be sent to the pre-soaking part by dosing device, then opening the water inlet so the polymer will drop into the mixing tank by gravity.
  2. Initial Polymer solution will flow into the homogeneous slaking tank through the overflow, after a certain time of low-speed stirring, the solution will be homogeneous, curing and active, by then the solution will flow into the storage tank and it is ready for feeding.
  3. When the storage tank is full, the liquid level switch gives signals and the polymer dosing device and solenoid valve will shut down automatically. At this point the dissolved solution is ready, and the indicator for "Ready" is on.
  4. Open the dilution water valve when starting the polymer feeding pump, then the constant concentration solution will be diluted to the required concentration according to the actual usage, and then the solution can be poured into the required equipment.
  5. Once the liquid level of the storage tank reaches the low position set earlier, the liquid level switch will give signals, and the system will repeat step 1, 2 and 3 above automatically to ensure the quantity of the solution.

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 About Model Selection
Motor BrandNord , SEW
ApplicationPowder Chemical Preparation Unit
MaterialStainless Steel 304
Dosing capacity500-12000Lt/hr
Preparation of ability(L/h)Maturing time(1h)500100015002000250030004000
Power (KW)1.72.452.452.453.53.93.9
PAM powder feed quantity(kg/h)1~52~103~153.5~20
Water inflow(m³/h)03~1.50.6~30.9~41.2~61.6~82.0~102.4~12
External dimension
Equipment Net Weight(kg)3805105907108208601080

For above 4000L per hour, welcome to discuss with us for a customized solution.
Company Profile
Automatic Feeder of Chemical Materials
Automatic Feeder of Chemical Materials
Automatic Feeder of Chemical Materials
Packing & Delivery

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated. If container is too tigher, we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.
Delivery time: 3~45 days after confirming order,  the detailed delivery date should be decided by the production season and order quantity.
Automatic Feeder of Chemical MaterialsFAQ
Q1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We are a factory, we can control every aspect of the product and provide most cost-effective product.
Q2. How Can I find the suitable model?
A: Please provide flow rate, solids content and sludge type, we can assist you in model selection.
Q3. Can you provide sludge sample test data?
A: Yes, please give us detailed information including sludge type, solid content rate, etc. We will reply to the test data asap.
Q4. Is it OK to print my logo on the product?
A: Yes, but inform us formally before our production.
Q5. Is there any other equipment used in sludge treatment?
A: Yes, including polymer dosing system, sludge thickener, conveying device, rotary drum screen, coarse screen, dissolved air flotation, sludge scraper bridge and etc.

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