PVC PP PE PU Fire Resistant Hose Co-Extruder (Type 65/45)

Technical DataModelApplicable HoseMotor PowerYield(m/24h)50/30∅19-∅6522/5.5kw4000-8000065/45∅25-∅12545/7.5kw6000-1500080/45∅25-∅30055/7.5kw10000-12000This equipment is solely intended for PU fire hose lining and an ideal and efficient hose lining extrusion line, with which users can produce va

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Technical Data
ModelApplicable HoseMotor PowerYield(m/24h)

This equipment is solely intended for PU fire hose lining and an ideal and efficient hose lining extrusion line, with which users can produce various products by using different molds.
This manual supplied with the equipment consists of such contents as technical parameters, production process, precautions for safety in production, electric control, drive, etc. It is intended to provide technical data of equipment performance for maintenance engineers and operators.
The equipment is constantly improved, but technical improvements do not involve products already sold.

Technical parameters
I. Main frame

1. Screw diameter:      Ø65
2. Screw length-diameter ratio: 1:30
3. Reducer box:        ZLYJ200
4. Reducer box gear ratio:  1:16
5. Production capacity:   10~15Kg/h
6. Screw speed:         10~40rpm
7. Main motor power:     45KW
8. Heating power:       about 20KW
9. Cooling power:        850W
10. Water tank traction motor: 0.75/1:23
11. Overall weight:       approx. 2T

II. Auxiliary frame

1. Screw diameter:      Ø45
2. Screw length-diameter ratio: 1:25
3. Reducer box:        ZLYJ133
4. Reducer box gear ratio: 1:16
5. Production capacity:  0.5~3Kg/h
6. Screw speed:        10~40rpm
7. Main motor power:    7.5KW
8. Heating power:      ~~6KW
9. Cooling power:       300W
10. Overall weight:       approx. 0.5T

PVC PP PE PU Fire Hose Co-Extruder (model 65 / 45)PVC PP PE PU Fire Hose Co-Extruder (model 65 / 45)PVC PP PE PU Fire Hose Co-Extruder (model 65 / 45)PVC PP PE PU Fire Hose Co-Extruder (model 65 / 45)PVC PP PE PU Fire Hose Co-Extruder (model 65 / 45)

Commissioning procedure
  1. With the equipment in place, adjust its horizontal position, clean each component and keep clean, and tighten all connecting pieces and fasteners.
  2. Check oil level of the reducer box and add 40#-60# medium-pressure gear oil to reach the level designated on the level indicator. Note: Different gear oil can be selected for different regions due to their temperature difference.
  3. Check heating and motor terminals for looseness or contact status. Ensure they are reliably secured or touch equipment enclosure. Note: Electrical inspection is of critical importance.
  4. Manually turn the belt pulley and the wire can be connected for trial run if there is no abnormal sound or special resistance.
  5. Start the motor and check and adjust its running direction. Note: Running direction of the cooling fan must be checked.
  6. Start the heating system and check the heating status of each temperature stage by turn. Note: The cooling fan of the heating coil must be correctly wired to ensure correct running direction.
  7. Feed--Heat--Hold--Start
  8. If it is a group of product lines, the auxiliary frames must be checked one by one and show no error before startup and trial run.
  9. Brief description of the lining production process:
  1/ Check the equipment according to the above steps 1 to 8.
  2/ Select and mount the appropriate mold on the flange of the equipment and tighten fastening      screws of the flange. Note: Parallelism of both flange faces must be adjusted to ensure full contact with both faces of the filter plate and no material leakage at startup.
3/ Heat the mold to 150 to 180 °C (materials in different temperature zones have different temperatures and the temperature varies as the equipment changes, so please adjust as required).
4/ Direction and speed of the traction machine, and speed and level of the cooling water can be adjusted during mold heating.
5/ Adjust position of the water jacket to align the mold, water jacket and pull roll.
6/ When mold temperature reaches the set value, starting heating of the charging barrel to 150-180 °C. Check effects of the cooling fan during heating and adjust its direction.
7/ When the temperature setting is achieved, hold for 30 min before charging and startup.
8/ Do not run too fast at the start, but slowly speed up according to motor ampere meter on the control panel, because the screw has a low temperature at the time and high speed will cause screw fracture or motor overload. 
9/ The material coming out from the mold enters the first roll set of the traction machine through the water jacket, and water runs out for cooling. Adjust the air pressure to press the product tightly against the water jacket to ensure product outer diameter.
10/ After water cooled, the hose lining goes to the table via the second roll set. Adjust the pulling speed to ensure product thickness.
11/ Slightly adjust temperature and speed of the three motors according to product quality, to achieve maximal quality and quantity.
12/ Tailor product length according to setting of the roll counter.

Precautions for use
Pay attention to the following points during normal operation. In the case of shutdown, do not resume production until the fault is eliminated by the service engineer.
  1. Promptly stop for inspection if there is abnormal sound or smell.
  2. If the charging barrel produces abnormal sound, promptly stop and check whether there is foreign matter in the barrel and material or whether cooling is not started.
  3. Check the lubricating oil or the reducer box for foreign matters if the reducer box produces abnormal sound.
  4. Check for high torque or cooling water shortage if the reducer box is hot.
  5. If the temperature is not rising, check the heating coil or temperature control device.
  6. Check the cooling fan or temperature control device in the case of instable temperature.
  7. Check raw material in the bin or end stage temperature if no material is coming out.
  8. Check raw material in the bin or temperature control in the case of uneven feeding.
  9. Check the equipment levelness or motor fixture if it shakes.
  10.  Check belt pulley mounting position or check for high torque in the case of belt wear.

Electric control system
Electric control of the equipment consists of two parts. The first is power control and the equipment generally adopts variable-frequency and variable-speed motor for control. It is featured with high torque and speed control, so that different speed can be output for the production of different products. Besides, the soft start employed ensures small starting current, energy conservation, and simple operation. The second is the heating system. This equipment adopts special DELTA temperature module for accurate PID control of temperature difference and the color touch screen is easy to understand. The alarm system is sensitive in order to maintain the set temperature (heat if temperature is low and cool if temperature is high).
See the schematic diagrams of electric apparatus for details.

Drive system
Main frame of the equipment adopts the typical motor drive. The main motor drives the belt pulley to drive the reducer box with the belt for speed reduction and power increase and the screw is consequently rotated, thus moving the raw material with its extruding and cutting face, plasticizing it with high pressure and high temperature and extruding it in the semi-liquid state.
The traction machine adopts variable frequency motor to drive the reducer motor and drive the pull roll with the chain. The gap between drive and driven rolls is adjusted with the hand wheel and kept stable with the spring. The diameter difference between front and rear rolls is 0.5-1 mm, which is intended to ensure product thickness and diameter.
The table also adopts variable frequency motor to drive the reducer motor.


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PVC PP PE PU Fire Hose Co-Extruder (model 65 / 45)PVC PP PE PU Fire Hose Co-Extruder (model 65 / 45)

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